Harrach Park in Bruck/Leitha

Opening hours of park
The Harrach Park is open all day, all year round. Entrances: see town map

Guided tours of palace
No guided tours available – the palace is closed to visitors.

Guided tours of park
Specialised tours are offered on various themes, such as modern garden care or botanical specialties of the park.

Special "Betty Bernstein" tours are also available for children. The exact times are announced on an ongoing basis in the local newspaper and the Bruck an der Leitha calendar of events.

Stadtplan Bruck - Zum Vergrößern bitte klicken

Town map of Bruck – please click to enlarge

Meeting point for tours
gatehouse, Pachfurther Straße entrance

How to get there
puplic transportation
By train from Vienna/Südbahnhof to Bruck an der Leitha

By car from Vienna on A4 motorway towards Vienna Airport/Budapest, Exit Bruck/Leitha Ost

Kultur- und Tourismusbüro
der Stadtgemeinde Bruck/Leitha
Hauptplatz 16
2460 Bruck an der Leitha

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