Harrachpark - Bruck/Leitha

The Harrachpark was planned and arranged as a baroque garden for the Harrach familiy by Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt at the beginning of the 18th century. At the end of the 18th century, the garden was redesigned in the style of an English landscape garden by the gardener and botanist Christoph Lübeck from Anhalt-Dessau and has been preserved as such until today.

The park features various dendrological highlights, such as weeping European hornbeams, swamp cypresses, cutleaf European beeches and an oriental plane. Branches of the Leitha River have been integrated in the layout of the park. In former times they were navigable by boat. The integration of the river arms in the design of the park is an essential element of the impressive spatial experience offered by the park.

After decades of neglect the Harrachpark is today part of the interregional EU-project parksnetwork “The Great Gardens”. There were already placed many measures to lead the park to the condition of the Landscape Garden of 1800. Important vistas have been restored and rare trees and picturesque groups of trees have been visible for park visitors by means of well targeted clearing efforts.

The park is on the best way, to get to the impressive experience of art and nature again, which travellers were enthusiastic about at the time of count Johann Nepomuk Ernst Harrach.

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