The Chateau Park in Malacky

The park stretches in the northeastern part of the town, separated from it by the route of the motorway feeder. A stone fence circles the park leading along Duklianskych Hrdinov Street, neighbouring in its western part with the motorway feeder, in southwestern and southern part with Sadova and Jesenského Streets. In its eastern part the park once bordered a forest to which it was also partly connected. (In autumn 2004 the adjacent forest was logged.)

Count Paul IV Pálffy founded the Chateau Park in the 17th century as part of the chateau that the family had commissioned. An English gardener entrusted with the work on the park masterfully planted it with scores of precious wood species turning this lovely park into a virtual jewel. The attractive park soon became extremely popular with both the château’s owners and their guests. They would often take rest in its charming nooks and regularly organise various festivities and parties.

The total area of the park (without the grounds not held) covers around 29.8 hectares. Only a fraction of the original structure of the park has been preserved until these days. Currently the park has gone through a substantial reconstruction.


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