The Chateau Park in Malacky

On the Chateau Park grounds you can find also an ice-skating ring that is open to the town's public in winter and which is turned into a handball field throughout the remaining seasons.
In additions there is a football stadium and the “Zámocká vináren,” a famed Malacky restaurant. The park offers ample opportunities to relax - actively and passively – and practice sports.

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Opening hours of the garden

NON – STOP, around the year, throughout the day
The Chateau is not open to the public.

Guided tours of park
Organised tours of the park can be arranged by the Tourist and Information Office located in the building of the Incubator. (034/772 20 55, )

How to get there

By train
From the train station Wien Südbahnhof Bstg 1-9 to Devínska Nová Ves or Bratislava, then change for a train, direction Breclav, get off at Malacky.

By car
the D2 motorway.
Parking lot is available.

By bicycle
along the Moriavian bike route.

By bus
From Wien “”Flughafen Wien – to Bratislava AS public bus service (bus station Nivy), change for a bus, direction Malacky.